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  • What is the quality of the materials used for jewelry?
    Most of the jewels in the jewelry collection are in 9K gold, some are in 18K. 375/1000th gold (also called 9 carats) which is composed of 37.5% pure gold 750/1000th gold (also called 18 carats) which is made up of 75% pure gold Regarding the stones used, they are all so-called fine gemstones.A certificate of authenticity will be provided to you when purchasing a piece from the jewelry collection.
  • What are the materials used for the high fantasy collection
    Each jewel in the high fantasy collection is made of brass and semi-precious stones. Each piece has a layer of varnish to isolate the so-called "acid" skins of the brass. Each stone is natural and comes from India, Pakistan or the United States.
  • Can I come and buy a jewel directly in your showroom?
    Yes of course, I would be delighted to welcome you to my workshop/office/showroom located in the city center of Nantes, you just have to make an appointment via instagram @latelierplume or via email at
  • Your jewelry is not "made in France"?
    I voluntarily choose to work with India because I appreciate the exchanges with Indian craftsmen, I appreciate the result brought by the mixture of our two cultures, I am delighted to contribute to making people work and live. men and women who live in the pink city without necessarily having the life of it... and also I appreciate their know-how and their approach to materials... Not making made in France is neither a bad word, nor a trait of venal character, but an assumed desire to want to work as I see fit to do. My craftsmen are well paid and no children do this work. I go twice a year to my workshops, which allows me to stay close and attentive to the people I have chosen to work with.
  • The inside of my bracelet is damaged, what should I do?
    Often this one is just "dirty" and needs cleaning. The varnish that protects the brass parts can come off over time, water, the acidity of your skin, perspiration, cosmetic products... Don't panic, just clean it with a soap and water inside to remove the layer of varnish and recover the patina of the brass.
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