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Lover of pretty things, I started by making my debut in graphic design before becoming communications director...

When my daughter Marnie was born, I decided to follow my desires and started creating jewellery, something that has been bothering me for some time now. The meeting with my Indian workshop opens the field of possibilities and L'Atelier Plume takes shape. The trips to India follow one another but are not alike. Each time, the brand reinvents itself, draws inspiration, improves, confirms itself to become the extension of my desires.


Each jewel is designed in Nantes and made by several hands in Jaipur. There, everything calls for creation; the people, the landscapes, the flow, the colors... It is from this mix of cultures that L'Atelier Plume draws all its substance. From the love of stones to the privileged relationship that I have been able to develop with talented Indians, today I am continuing my story by creating new charms each season, new marvels that we want to collect at infinity.

You can access my universe by coming directly to buy your favorite pieces in my showroom in the heart of Nantes.


The meeting with these first artisans opens the field of possibilities and L'Atelier plume takes shape. The trips to India are never alike. Each time, the brand is reinvented, inspired, perfected and confirmed to become an extension of its desires.

Today, L'Atelier Plume works with two workshops, each run by a family with a long line of jewelers.

It is in the state of Rajasthan, the " land of kings ", the second largeststate in India, located in the northwest of the country, that the collections are made. This region known for its maharajahs is rich in precious and semi-precious stones. There are emeralds, garnets, agates, amethysts, topaz, rubies or turquoise ...


Claire goes there twice a year to finalize her creations, select her stones and get inspired by the local culture.


Each piece signed L'Atelier Plume is thought in Nantes and made by several handsin Jaipur. There, everything is inspirational : the people, the landscapes, the flow, the colors... It is indeed from this mix of cultures that L'Atelier Plume draws its substance.

From the love of stones to the privileged relationship she has developed with talented Indians, Claire continues her story today by creating new wonders each season that we want to collect endlessly. The collections are made of brass, 925 silver and 9K gold jewelry... and always decorated with fine and/or


Her collections are mainly composed of bracelets, the signature piece of her jewelry box, but also necklaces, rings, earrings and other beauties...


Textile handicrafts in India are an integral part of the country's traditional culture. There are still many artisans, often grouped in cooperatives, who maintain the traditional techniques of fabric manufacture and decoration.

While traveling through the different regions of northern India, it is quite naturally that Claire, after falling in love with all the beautiful sarees, kanthas, Khadi cotton and other Indian textile arts, began designing ready-to-wear.

Today, L'Atelier Plume has masterpieces in its dressing room, such as jackets, dresses and shirts. Everyday essentials reviewed with the colors of India.


At L'Atelier Plume, we pride ourselves on working with skilled artisans in India to create our unique and elegant jewellery. The traditional craftsmanship of these craftsmen and their commitment to quality is the reason why we chose to have our jewelry made in India.

We are aware that "Made in India" is often associated with mass production, but we would like to point out that our approach is different. We work directly with local artisans, allowing us to oversee every step of the manufacturing process and ensure that our jewelry is created with care and with the finest materials. 

We are also committed to supporting local artisans and contributing to the local economy. By working with Indian artisans, we are helping to preserve traditional skills and create sustainable jobs. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable approach to production, and we hope you enjoy the quality and beauty of our Indian-made products.



Credit: Tarun Chouhan 

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